When I had my first daughter and Halloween rolled around I wanted to do something special.   Of coarse the costume alone on her was truly adorable with pumpkins as props but what about having the pumpkin do double duty.   My husband and I as per usual would always carve pumpkins but I thought to myself we can use one side for carving and the other side to display a message.   In this case My 1st Halloween, perfect for that year and something we can all look back on and reminisce.   All you need to complete this easy little project is a black permanent marker and some creative imagination.  

Another project that was more for my daughter who was two at the time was to decorate a pumpkin with stickers.   She loved them and enjoyed peeling and sticking them on anything and everything so what better way to do this then on a pumpkin in preparation for Halloween.  I had two pumpkins that year, one for carving and one for stickers.   First I bought the pumpkins then from the two I picked the one with the most flat surfaces.   I also visited the local dollar store and came across a package of glittery Halloween stickers.   Of coarse there was many stickers to pick from, some that glow in the dark or have a glossy finish but I liked the glittery ones the most at that time.   From there we sat down at the kitchen table and worked on the pumpkin together, In the end I remember this being a lot fun specially for her and also great for pictures.