We have a small nook in between our upstairs and downstairs, the previous owner of our home had a lonely plant sitting in a pot there.   My first thought was that this would be a perfect spot for a tall narrow Christmas tree.   However the rest of the year it was left bare and sad looking.   The following year I was expecting my first baby girl and soon enough that nook was also a perfect location for a bassinet/playpen.   So the years went by, another Christmas another baby girl and then no need for a playpen.   The spot once again was left bare and sad.   Personally I would love to have a bar cart of some sort that can easily be removed once Christmas comes around and relocated.   However since I have small children at this time it truly doesn’t make any sense for us.   Another thought was to put an accent arm chair for extra seating but unfortunately it wouldn’t be apart of a conversation grouping.   Instead it would look lonely and odd so that was out of the question as well. 

All along I had a bin with diapers, wipes and a change pad on hand and just sitting on the floor in the nook for a moments need.   Finally I thought to myself what if I can find some type of unit that fits and can store some bins.   So my search began, I knew I didn’t want to spend much since this would be temporary.   Plus having small children has proven to me time and again that I should go with simple and cost efficient items instead.   Even though I usually have expensive taste, these days its mostly all about shopping the house and re purposing items.   After looking at my go to stores and having no luck, I was shopping at Walmart and thought maybe I should go look at their furniture section.   I came across a flat box with this unit inside and the right dimensions. 

The unit came in two colours so I opted for the dark brown, you had to assemble it obviously yourself but it was very straight forward.   I also like how it has simple clean lines which fits well with my other furniture.   My bin fits perfectly on the shelf and I added one more for small baby toys just to have available.   I’m glad its not a solid piece since the colour is practically the same as my hardwood floors.   Not to mention it doesn’t weigh much so it’s easy to move out when the Christmas tree goes back up.    

Finally I was able to add some decor, as I mentioned above I like to shop my house.   I had some items that I never used before such as the cubed crystal bowl which I filled up with some decorative accent coloured balls.   By doing that it automatically tied in the rest of the room accent colour with the new unit.   I also had a lovely shaped white fruit bowl that I only used for a bit in our old bungalow apartment.   I dug that out of storage and added it to the other shelf.    I especially love how the bowls beauty stands out more with the dark brown backdrop of the unit.   Lastly I tried a couple of items on top to see what works best, but in the end I just decided to keep it simple with a multi candle holder.   I’m sure though in time I will change it up and add some new decor pieces and or change out the bins as well.

The nook that was once bare most of the year now serves a purpose.   Three to be exact, a bin for baby essentials and another for toys plus the opportunity to add more decor to my space.   Still looking forward to my bar cart in the future but for now I am pleased with the end result.